There is a saying that states, "The Breast Is Best". I completely agree with this statement.

There is a reason that formula companies are always trying to compare to breastmilk. I recently saw a commerical saying how it has Lutein, which is found in breastmilk. Formula is very convenient but it can't compare to breastmilk.

I want to first start out by stating I am not condemning or putting down anyone who uses formula. But, if I were to pick (and I did) it would be breastmilk 100% no other option. This is my opinion.

I am a very natural person. I make almond milk instead of buying it at the store - it's cheaper and I appreciate it more. I don't go out to eat. I barely eat any salt, except that which comes naturally from vegetables. I make my own baby food, eat organic as much as possible, and try to grow my own food. This is who I am. This is what is important to me and what I want for my family.

And, no, I'm not rich. I just want to live as close to what God created as possible. I believe that natural is the way to go because that is where the beginning of time...well.. began! It's my opinion and if you know me then you know that I do share what I do because I believe in it so much.

Back to where I started. I believe that breastfeeding is best. It is best for me and it is best for my baby. I plan to breastfeed at least 2 years. It is proven that the first year of breastfeeding your child helps them grow developmentally. The second year it aids the child in growing along with a proper and healthy diet.

Breastfeeding can also be known as the last stage of labor. Why else would a woman produce the tiniest amount of colustrum that is jam packed with calories and fat but the perfect amount to fit in the baby's stomach, which is only the size of a pea. It is the perfect food for your newborn and baby. As the baby grows, so does my breastmilk supply. So, here are the reasons I breastfeed:

It Adapts:

Like I said earlier, when a baby is born you have a high calorie packed liquid called colostrum. It is very little amount, which works because the baby only needs a small amount because their stomachs are only the size of a pea.
As the baby grows up the amount you produce increases but it also adapts. For example, when Clayton was 2 months old I had peaches. They were absolutley delicious, so I ate 2 of them. The next day, he had quite a massive poop and guess what?! Yep - they were peaches. They smelled like peaches, looked like peaches, but all he got was the tiny, tiny favanoids that my body produced in breastmilk. He did not eat any home made food. This made me really appreciate and respect breastmilk.

Besides flavors there is one thing that really blows it out of the water. If you get the flu, your baby will get anti bodies from the flu virus in you to fight it off. Of course you have to take the precautions of washing your hands and such but still - how amazing is that?! Formula can't do that.

Helps Me to Get Back to Pre-pregnancy:

Making breastmilk is a natural but bit undertaking for your body. Each day, your body burns an extra 500 calories (or more depending on if you have twins, a big eater, etc.) each day. Yep, no running 5 miles to do it, just have your baby latch on and voila!

Breastmilk also helps with a quicker recovery post-partum. When the baby breastfeeds, it sends a signal to the unterus to contract. By all this happening the uterus shrinks much quicker.

Spend Less Time and Money:

Obviously, breastmilk is free - if you have latching problems you may have to hire a lactation consultant but usually there is someone you know or someone your friend knows that can help. I had problems and it honestly took time for Clayton and I to get it right. It was frustrating at first but now it was worth every single oz. of frustration I endured. There was a study and it stated that on average a family spend $1,500 a year on formula. Yikes!

You aren't spending time sterilizing nipples, bottles, mixing formula, and going shopping for it. When it is time to eat - connect and it is done.


This is probably the most important reason why I breastfeed. You can cuddle with your baby, hug your baby, and give your baby kisses. But, there is something about nursing my son that I can't quite grip. It is a bond that is so close and intimate that I can't even explain. I will nurse my baby boy and when I am done I am high. No joke. I have never smoked a single thing in my life but if I were to know what it was like it is from nursing my son. I have this sense of calmness, peace, and love that I have never experienced before. It's like exercising and (sorry if this is too personal) love making endorphines that are just so amazing. It isn't a sexual experience. It is a high power work out. It is just perfect. My body feels at ease and content. It is like for the time I am bonding with my son that there is nothing wrong with the world. Everything is perfect. It feels like this while nursing and after.

I have spent hours and hours and HOURS with my son nursing. It depends what mood he is in on how long he nurses. If he wants to cuddle it is longer. He enjoys nursing. He will hug my breast and bury his face into me and I can tell he is in heaven. When he is nursing and is playful he will sing to me while nursing, talk to me, or just smile.

I have talked to many, many moms who have breastfed. One in particular is an 86 year old woman who has 2 boys. The first boy was breast fed and the second was not. She has admitted that the boy that she breastfed she is MUCH closer with. Her son is very close to her too. I have seen them together and he loves her so very much. They are both much older than me but I just watch them in admiration and hope that one day my son and I will share the same type of bond that they have together.

One Anecdote and then I will close:

Randy and I wanted to have a romantic dinner, just the two of us. So, we asked our neighbors if they could watch our son for 30 minutes. This would be the first time EVER that we had dinner alone since our son was born. I was giddy with excitement. 15 minutes into eating who do we hear? Yep, our son. He was hitting a new octive with the screaming he was doing. So, Randy ran over to get him. Our neighbor shooed him away and said that she had it. So, he came back. 5 minutes later we heard him again but this time louder than the time before. Randy went over there to get him. I could hear him getting closer and closer to home via Clayton. Randy looked at me paniced and said, "I can't get him to calm down. I think he needs you!" I grabbed Clayton and sat in the chair holding him and cuddling him. He calmed down a little bit. It wasn't until I nursed him that he fell apart in relaxation. He was so happy. I could tell that he was all better. Nursing is the biggest comfort to a baby. Could I have snuggled him and he would have calmed down? Yes. But, nursing did it instantaneously. I felt so loved and like a super hero.

This is why I breastfeed. It's natural, it's healthy, is protective, is perfect, it's better, it's comforting, and it gets me the closest I can get with my son.

I had some serious issues in the beginning when I breastfed and wanted to quit. I am so glad I didn't because this is the most rewarding and wonderful thing I do each do. I look forward to spending time with my little guy and wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. I can honestly say that:


:) Lauren

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