So, my first attempt at planning ahead went pretty well. Next week will be better when I have more time to fight with myself in my head but today I was the authoritarian... it was my way or the highway. I tried to balance out the meals and make some more hearty (I do have a two growing boys to feed too - my hubby and 16 month old!)

All of my recipes are going to be kid friendly (when it comes to salt) and full of nutrition!

I want to begin this post with where I began.
In 2006, I gained 70 lbs in 3 months. That's right. Something had to be wrong with me, but the damage was not quite done with me yet.

I had some emotional stress that I didn't know how to deal with very well and when the body has a foreign stress that doesn't stop and you don't cope with it packs on the pounds in response.

After I gained the weight that caused my period to go out of wack. There were times I went a 2-3 months with no period and then after about a year I lost my period altogether. Sounds great, right? Not really. It feels terrible.

After losing my period for about 6 months I started to have major pain in my ovaries. It hurt to touch. I dealt with that for about 6 months and just gave up. I was fat, in pain, and probably more in a depression than I realized. I would cry everyday for no reason. I was an emotional and physical wreck and I didn't know what or why this was happening to me.

Little did I know, I was about to learn about how strong I really was and learn that my eating habits and lack of knowledge on how to do deal with stress had consequences.

So, I started to change my lifestyle. It started with deodorant  It was a very small step in my revolution, but after learning that the aluminum in deodorant might cause Alzheimer's Disease later in life, which makes you forget things we decided to cut it out. We switched to a rock salt deodorant, which actually worked. I started walking on a daily basis and that was the beginning. 

After deodorant I learned how to eat healthier. I started eating healthier processed foods and cut out all fast food. That was hard. I ate A LOT of fast food because I was always gone from home - at school, friends, etc. - mostly school.

From there I continued to cut out the processed foods after learning more about them. Learned about soybean oil and stopped buying things with that. Cleared far from Canola Oil (which is made from the rapeseed - a poisonous plant that can kill you) and stuck to olive oil. Now, I only eat olive oil fresh and not cooked. I use Coconut Oil to cook with and I actually don't gain any weight eating it.

I will get more into this as the weeks progress but that is kind of an intro.

This is where I began (and stayed at all through highschool):

Weight: 155 lbs
Dress Size: 6-8
Jeans: 8-10

After Spike of weight (3 months later, mind you):

Weight: 225 lbs
Dress Size: 14
Jeans: 16

Before Pregnancy (about 5 years later):

Weight: 179 lbs
Dress Size: 10
Jeans: 12

After Baby:

Weight: 230 lbs
Dress Size: 14
Jeans: 16


Weight: 191 lbs
Dress Size: 12
Jeans: 14 (or a big 12)


Weight: 155 lbs
Dress Size: 6-8
Jeans: 8-10

I am 5 foot 6.5 inches, so this is definitely doable.

Exercise 5 Days A Week:

Run (mostly)/Walk 5 Times a Week
Days I don't run/walk - The FIRM workout/Free weights

Here is my meal plan for the week - I will add recipes through the week and add the links to this page and through my facebook page/ web site, so keep checking back!

Coconut Walnut Granola Cereal w/ Almond Milk (unsweetened)
Turkey Bacon, Egg, Feta, and Spinach Burritos
Green Spinach with Feta & Eggs

Bean Burritoes with Homemade Tortillas
Cuban Tortillas with Homemade Mojo Sauce

Bean Burritos
Orange Beef Stew with Salad
Millet BBQ "Meatballs" with Mashed Potatoes
Left Overs

Snacks (for extra nutrients):
Juice Carrots
Juice Carrots/Apples
Juice Greens

A lot of this I prepared in one shot and froze for easy and quick dinners.

Saturday Night:
Soaked Pinto Beans overnight

Sunday Morning:
Started pinto beans
Made dough for tortillas (and put in fridge)

Sunday Afternoon:
Pulled out tortillas to thaw to room temp
Made Granola
While waiting for granola to finish made Orange Beef Stew

Sunday Night:
Cooked Tortillas
Made Breakfast Burritos
Blended Pinto Beans and made bean burritos for dinner.

The salad, two eggs with spinach and feta, and millet BBQ "meatballs" will be made fresh.
2/11/2013 11:52:18 am

I have a lot of recipes that could probably be modified to be your strictness :)


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