Chicken broth is the foundation to many meals. It is also packed with so much flavor, vitamins, and nutrients.

I make mine homemade. Why? Because even the organic broth has some not so wholesome ingredients in it like MSG and it doesn't have all of the extra vegetables that add more flavor and nutrients to the foundation of your cooking!

So, here is the recipe and some pictures!

Also, please note, in chicken stock you can add as little or as much of the vegetables to your broth. It just adds more flavor and vitamins!

All the things you need!

1 Whole Chicken Carcass with meat OR 2 Chicken Carcass' with barely any meat
**Use meat if you plan to make Chicken and Dumplings, Sweet and Sour Chicken, or anything that would use it; otherwise, cut off the main meats and use the bones left over and the back meat that is hard to get off anyway.
6 Whole Organic Carrots Peeled and Cut into Large Pieces
1 Stalk of Organic Celery Cut into Large Pieces
2 Heads of Garlic Smashed
**I LOVE garlic! and I grow it, too! I buy it at the farmers market when I am out.
3 onions Cut in Half Twice
5 Tablespoons Thyme
5 Bay Leaves
**You can buy this online in bulk for so much cheaper than at the store - organic, too!
3 Tablespoons Pepper
Sea Salt (to taste - I don't use as much salt because there is natural salt in the celery and you can add more salt later when the broth is done cooking)

Cook Time: 

This takes about 45 minutes to cook once the water is boiling.


1. Add your ingredients to a very, very large pot. I have a 12 qt. Chasseur Cast Iron pot that I use. Most are 6 quarts, which means you will have to make more batches with your ingredients.
2. Add purified water about an inch from the top of the pot.
3. Place on a burner and bring to a boil.
4. Boil your stock for 45 minutes.

5. Using a strainer and a very large bowl. Place your strainer on top of the bowl and carefully dump the contents of the pot into the strainer. The liquid will go into the bowl and the strainer will have all of your ingredients.

6. Place your ingredients back into your pot, and repeat steps 1-5.

7. If you have a large pot like me (12 quarts) one more time will be about all you are going to be able to do before the broth starts to get really light. If you have a smaller pot continue 1-6 until the broth is very light - that means there isn't really much more flavor or nutrients going into the water for the broth.

8. Store your broth in canning jars until ready to use in the refrigerator (make sure the jars are cooled off first before putting them in) or put your broth in the pot and make something with it, like chicken noodle soup, sweet and sour chicken, chicken and dumplings - the list can just go on and on!

:) Lauren
Carrots - I buy a 25 lb. bag of Organic Carrots for $20.
Add them to the pot!
Smash them! And, smash them good!
Add garlic, thyme, and bay leaves - it's not an exact science. Add a little, add a lot; you can't ruin it!
Add the chicken (I added another cooked one I had in the freezer that I wanted to use from a roast chicken I made.)
Add water until it is about 1 inch from the top. Put it on the stove and bring it to a boil. Once it is boiling continue the boil for 45 minutes.

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