I have always thought that refried beans were delicious but SO high maintenance when it came down to cooking them fresh and not out of a can.

I have tried them on the stove top (soaking the beans, then boiling all day, and then cooking all the other ingredients followed by blending and smushing) and it was too much work. I did it twice on a day my hubby was at work and I was bored. Def. not a good match for a working mama or a mama with a life, which if you have kids then you qualify as both a mama and having a busy, busy life!

Even married with no kids - it's too much work for what you get.


I have the easiest recipe (and quickest). It took me literally 5 minutes to do total.
What You'll Need:

Filtered Water
Package of Pinto Beans
Crock Pot (I use a Cuisinart 6.5 Qt. Crock Pot because it's the only one that doesn't have lead that I found)
3 onions
3 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon cumin
4-6 cloves Garlic (I use about 6 cloves - I LOVE Garlic)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
OPTIONAL: 2 Jalapeno Peppers (We make it without because of our son and then when we go to eat we slice up one jalapeno cook it in some coconut oil and mix in the finished beans before eating. Too hot for our son!)

Step 1: Pour Pinto beans (dried, fresh - not canned) into a strainer and rinse beans.
Step 2: Put beans into crock pot (or a bowl) and fill with filtered water until about double water of how much beans you have. Let beans soak for 24 hours.

**The reason I use filtered water is because the beans soak up the water to sort of re hydrate and release their gases (which, fyi, releases the amount of gases when you eat them too!). Filtered water doesn't have the Cholorine, Flouride, and other nasty stuff tap has. I have a 4 stage osmosis system that I bought from US Water Systems.
Step 3: Put soaked beans (24 hours later) into a strainer and rinse them. Dump the rinsed beans into a crock pot.

Step 4: Dice the onions, coarsley chop the garlic, and slick the jalapeno (optional). Add to crock pot.

Step 5: Put about a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 3 tablespoons chili powder, and 1 tablespoon cumin into the crock pot.
Step 6: Fill the Crock Pot until the water just covers the beans. Give a quick stir (nothin' fancy).

Step 7: Put the crock pot on low and let it go! :)

After the beans are done.
Step 8: Using a slotted spoon, take the beans (along with all the other cooked ingredients) out of the crock pot and into a bowl - I use a KitchenAid Mixer. You can add the remaining liquid if you want them more moist (I have found just using a slotted spoon gets the right amount of liquid and seasonings into the refried beans). Mix using a hand mixer, potato masher, or the wisk on the KitchenAid Mixer (I have used the paddle too - it also works just fine).

Step 9: EAT! We like ours in burritoes, on chips for nachos, on rice with some peas, carrots, and sour cream (and cheese sometimes)... It is delicious and super quick and easy!


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