Clayton has been so bubbly through all of this! (punt intended lol)
Clayton with Grandma's gift right before we moved back to FL!
I have done really great with everything that has happened this month. From Decmeber 24th - January 24th we have had a wild ride. 

It started when we were visiting our friends and family in Florida. My husband's dad was not doing well health wise, which now he is with Jesus. So, we decided to to move to back from where we were living in North Carolina so that my husband could help with taking care of him and see him more often and because we missed Florida in more ways than one. It was just not God's time for us to be gone... yet! So, on the 26th we left for North Carolina, thankfully Randy's friend came to help us pack, we packed our house and on the 28th we were heading back to Florida. That's right! We packed our ENTIRE house in 1 day.... ONE! All with a 15 month old and me still nursing him. It was quite a feat! 
We headed back to Florida, somehow I didn't fall asleep at the wheel on the way back - God was watching out for me there, that's for sure!

We were staying at our neighbor's house (she is 87 years old) and she cooks old fashioned - as in she doesn't cut out the fat of ANY kind! When she makes biscuits and gravy forget the butter! She throws in the bacon fat! She is healthy as a horse and I don't blame her for stickin' to her roots BUT.... my body definitely is not so good at coping with that! So, I ate what she ate because if you are in someone's house that you love - you go with it. 
When Clayton had the flu. :) He was such a happy sick boy! No crying or anything - he actually laughed after he threw up - of course he did it all over me each time, maybe that is why...
I weighed when we finally moved back into our house on January 6th and weighed... I was 196 lbs, which means I gained 7 pounds - trust me for what I ate that is ah-ma-zing! But, I still felt terrible! It's crazy how 7 measley pounds can completely change the way you feel (physcially) and emotionally.

So, once we got our house stuff in the house... we got the flu. Randy first, then Clayton, and finally me. We were each a day apart. I didn't have a milk supply when I had the flu the first day, which made me feel like the world's worst momma, so Clayton had his first cup of water that day... After I had the flu, I could drink and eat, so of course my milk came back and Clayton and I were happy campers!

We started to unpack the house and that's when I decided it was time to get my butt back into high gear.

Step 1:


Step 2: 

Start eating right.

I started walking and decided to run to see where I was from running in North Carolina. I did AMAZING! I ran where I left off in North Carolina and that was a month's difference! I was so proud of myself. 

Every week (5 days) I walk 4 miles each time and run when I have the energy (lately I haven't had sleep because Clayton is teething).

I have started to limit my carbohydrates, but of course I refuse to change my whole lifestyle, especially when it is healthy already, so I have decided to add something new -

Step 3: 

Portion Control!

I read on a blog someone else wrote that they go to restaurants and split and entree. For dinner at home they eat off of appetizer plates. I thought to myself, why not?! That has got to help. I can eat the healthy versions of food I love and still lose weight!

About 3 months ago I was very strict on what I ate for a week. I lost 20 pounds doing that. I went from 210 to 189. Since, I have kept the weight off and I eat what I want (of course healthier).

Today, I am 189. I am so proud of what I have accomplished but it doesn't stop here. I will lose more weight and feel even better!

My little moving helper! :)
We even squeezed in a beach day! One of our deciding factors to move back! Once a Floridan, ALWAYS a Floridian!
If you can't tell, I love my little guy! :)

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