TODAY! -- The beginning of my challenge!
Our son turned 11 months old today. I was so excited about how big he was getting and how much he was learning. He has changed so much! But, then when I was getting ready I looked in the mirror and I started to become filled with frustration.


I didn't understand how I forgot who I was, nutritionally. I am all about eating natural (which I have) and being in control of knowing what is too much and what is not. What happened?! Instead of focusing on more plant based foods, I was gorging on large amounts of meats (mostly chicken) and making gravy to go with it. I still don't know what I was thinking. 

I have been on a mission to lose weight since day 1 of our son being born and somehow I got lost.

SO -- back on the bandwagon I go.

About 2 years ago I learned about a program called Eat to Live - I learned that it is focusing on plant based foods and about how your body (while you love meat) loves plants (beans, vegetables, and fruits). Your body actually thrives on it to be honest. It is probably one of the things that you can do for you body.

I'm not going to continue to write to you and tell you how amazing it is -- I am going to show you! I'm am going to have a plant based diet and track the progress here, so you can see the results. Is it hard? YES! But, is it the best thing that I can do for my body? YES YES YES!

What am I going to do?

I am going to be focusing on only plant foods. I will not be eating dairy of any kind, processed foods, or meat.

I will also be juicing. I would actually do the first 30 days only juicing but I am still nursing my son and need a few more calories to continue my milk production, so right now I am going to do a combination of each.

Do I need to take supplements?

NO! Where do you think all of those vitamins and minerals come from? PLANTS! FRUITS! VEGETABLES! My body is going to be an influx of micro organisms, vitamins, and minerals -- on top of it I am going to increase the amount of oxygen that goes into my body (Juicing and raw vegetables put extra oxygen into your body).

So, here I go! Stay tuned for more! :)
Leaving the hospital. I know -- I just had a baby but i have to start somewhere right?!
Me in February -- I fell off the bandwagon during Christmas time and gained a WHOLE LOT of weight... :(
End of July -- eating good but too much meat and carbs.
Can't say I am sugar coating ANYTHING here! This was 1 month ago. Pretty embarrassing... :(

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