I was a teacher for 3 years. I was also sick A LOT! I never could find something that would kick it quick and since I am an all natural gal it was even harder. I don't like to take antibiotics, which is a personal preference and when I am sick I usually use garlic, echinicea, golden seal, and an herbal blend called BRN to kick whatever I have. Even taking these, it took a good week to feel better and get my energy back.

When Clayton was about 2 months old he and I got a TERRIBLE sinus infection and cold. I could handle it but seeing my little helpless guy just enduring it was KILLING me! (It probably bothered me more than him! He was a trooper!) I had to do something. I wanted to take something powerful that would beat up the cold that was hurting my little guy...I was ready to bring out the big guns! One problem: I didn't know what to do!
That's when I talked to some people who also believed in the same things that I did. I asked my chiropractor what his wife took when she got sick or when her baby got sick and he told me about Oreganol. So, I went home and did some research and man oh man did I find some GOOD stuff!

This stuff is ah-MAZING! It is like liquid penicillan and to answer your questions... No, it is not the kind you put in speghetti! I thought the same thing! I was 2 seconds away from putting some oregano in my pantry into the olive oil and letting it sit!

This oregano is more of a wild plant that is grown in the mediterranean. Here are some facts that are most important to me about it.

* If you have a cold or a sinus infection take this! It is very good at killing the infection because the first place it goes is in the throat, which is sucked down near the lungs/sinuses.

* It is similar to liquid penicillan and boy does it do the same things. I know that  a lot of other homeopathic remedies might not work - trust me, I have expereienced them all! - but this works! I back it up 100%!

* Stops candida and other intestinal fungal issues.

* Kills bacteria

Here is a testimonial for ya: A neighbor of mine had a terrible, terrible cold. It was hard talking to her on the phone because I knew how bad she felt. She had been fighting the cold for 3 days but just felt terrible. Of course I whipped out my oreganol and left it by her door (no need for me to have to take it too! I do endorse preventing sickess, after all! ) She started talking 3 drops every 2-3 hours. I talked to her the next day and she sounded much better. On the third day when I called she was getting ready to go and have lunch with a friend -- all healed! This stuff really works people!

How to use it:

Now of course anything that actually works is going to have a punch to it and this definitely does! Lift your tongue up (KEEP IT UP!) and put 2 drops under it and let it sit for as long as you can. Make sure that is a glass of water next to you. Personally, if I feel something coming on I will take 5 drops. That's how I roll though. My husband thinks I'm crazy but since I do the dropping he abides by my 5 drop standard. haha When it starts to sting too much swallow with water.

The reason you put it under your tongue is because there are glands there that lead straight to your bloodstream, which is how your body fights infection. You can just swallow it with water or juice but then it goes into your stomach, which still goes to your bloodstream but it takes longer.

If you are interested in buying this awesome, awesome product the cheapest place I could find to buy it is on amazon. I bought the 1 oz. bottle just because it will last forever and it is a little bit cheaper.

Company Web site: http://www.oreganol.com

Please note: I am not a doctor nor am I giving medical advice. I am just talking about something that works for me and people I know and letting you know so that you can make a judgement on whether you would want to use the same product or not.
Also, any amazon additon to the site was added by me, so that you can order a product. I do make a small percentage off of each sale, which in turn supports me and my web site. :) So, thank you in advance for supporting me. Buying from this link does not increase the price - it is the same as on amazon.com - just gives me a commission for sending you amazon's way.

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