I started running today since we moved back to FL.

Losing weight is more than just "going on a diet". It is about changing yourself and expecting more. I never ran before because I had low expectations. I wanted to have the excuse of, "I can't run because I'm no good at it" so that I could be a quitter before I even started. So, I slapped myself in the face and told myself to stop that. It's not right for me to not live my life to the fullest because I'm too lazy to have higher expectations for myself. I deserve better than myself. It's not about just "losing weight", it's about daring to dream and going after the impossible.
No more excuses. No more. I'm not looking back; I'm not staying the same (especially when I have a list a mile long of improvements I can make); I am being a dreamer, and the most important part, a doer.

When I left NC I was running 3 minutes at a time, 6 times, with 1 minute rests in between, which I was amazed at how far I had come. I stopped running 3 times a week and increased it to 6 times a week. I was really sore the first week, so I stuck to the 3 times that week, but the next week I was fine, so I increased my running to 6 days a week, and my running excelled because of it. I went from 1 minute of running in a row to 3 minutes by the end of week 2. Go Big or Go Home.

Then we moved to FL. That was a month ago.

Yesterday, I started to run again. I ran 1 minute walked 90 seconds and did all 8 times. Today I pushed myself and was so happy I did! I ran 1:15 seconds walked 60 seconds (90 on the 6th and 7th rep) and then on the 8th I decided to push myself as hard as I could. My goal was to run 3 minutes.

Actually my first goal was go start running... that is hard to do when you know you are about to put your body through a physical test of agility and endurance. So, 1:30 seconds passed and I was starting to feel it. I kept pushing. 2 minutes passed...keep pushing. 2:15, 2:20, 2:30, 2:45..kept pushing. 3 minutes. That was my goal. Then I asked myself, "Can I get to 4?! Is it really possible?!!!???" (I really did think that), so I just kept going. Clearing my head. Every minute past 3 minutes was torture; my husband was like a cheerleader his voice getting higher and higher because he was so proud. :) I hit my point of "This SUCKS! Kill me now." and it didn't get worse than that, so I kept running. Not thinking, just running. All I wanted to hear was the minute and second I was on - yelling (because that was my only level lol) for updates. 3:30 seconds. I was no longer thinking. I wasn't talking to myself. I was just pushing one leg in front of the other and forgetting about breathing - just going. 4 minutes. 4:15. 4:30. 4:45. A though burst into my head, "HOLY CRAP and I going to get to 5 minutes!?!?!?" Then I shut myself up, lol. 5 minutes. I....kept...pushing... 5:05. 5:15. (My husband's voice is getting more squeaky.) 5:30 (I reach the orange tree, which is where my completely out of control, no way this is going to happen, goal was). 5:45. (Waaay past the orange tree now). 6:02. Ok, that's good. I want some oranges. 6:05.


I know now why Nike's saying is, "Just Do It." I lived it today at 6 minutes 5 seconds.

Dream the impossible and just go.

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