It is here! The day that I never thought would come on nights breastfeeding was not going as planned. Those were the nights that I was tired, frustrated, and when every fiber in my body wanted to give up.

Now, I am a much more rested, at peace, and encourage woman!

My baby boy is amazing! And to celebrate his 6 months I am going to brag a little - it's a momma's right after all, right? :)

Clayton is now 18 pounds. He can pretty much sit up all by himself (he has a few falls). He is days away from crawling. He is fashioning the hover and rock right now. I am just so amazed at how wonderful of a son that I have! Clayton's blue eyes are going to be a lady killer when he grows up.

Last night, Randy and I were playing on the floor on the eve of his 6 month birthday. I was just sitting back and watching. Clayton was crawling all over his daddy and was smiling and laughing. He has changed SO much in just days. He, for the first time, enjoyed playing on the floor with us! It was the
most incredible feeling. All of the hardwork it takes to raise a little man is totally and completely worth it. Every moment that he smiles, laughs, makes a mess of his food, talks, sings "You are my sunshine" with mommy, nurses, gives kisses (pulling the junk out of mommy's hair, I might add), and so many more things is worth it. We are so in love with this guy!! He is a gift from God. After years and years of praying for a baby - God gives us a baby, the perfect baby - A baby that I could not have made more perfect.

Today is the day that I have started to think about where I was 6 months ago. I was numb, on a hospital bed, exhausted, in love, and enduring an extreme case of baby blues. When I got home I couldn't get up on the bed without a step, looked pregnant plus some, and was even more tired! Being a momma is a lot of work - don't let anyone tell you it is easy.

Now, I am losing weight, am in MORE love than when I gave birth, and couldn't be happier! This little tiny baby has brought joy that is un measurable into our lives. He is a blessing and I thank God for allowing me to be his momma.

So, really this is a praise to God. Thanking him for 6 months of learning how to have more patience, endurance, strength, and courage. It is also a lesson to me to teach me that I have all of those things when I doubted it before.

When I was pregnant, I told the mid wife that I had no pain tolerance and that I was a wimp. God has taught me a very powerful lesson. I have a high pain tolerance and I am anything BUT a wimp!

Everyday is a celebration day but you would probably abandon me if I wrote a blog each day about Clayton! So, today is a 6 month celebration!


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