Having a baby is a lot of work. Each day I have to breast feed Clayton, feed him solid foods, clean up the house, cook, change diapers, and play with him. This takes up so much of Randy and I's time that a lot of times having fun and romantic dates with each other gets put to the wayside. When we were pregnant with our son my biggest fear and thought I fret about most was, "What is going to happen to our marriage, Randy!?" "Are we going to be just as in love now as before?!" "Will you love me when he have a beautiful baby?!" "Will we still have times like this where we can play?!" (Yes, I said play! He is my best friend! If there is a playgroud you can bet that there are two grown adults acting like idiots on the monkey bars! Age is just a number! - that is our story and we are sticking to it!) I was so unbelievably worried that we would grow apart. After spending almost 5 years just with each other I liked where we were.

Where our marriage was. We had each other's back and had so much fun together.
We cherished each other's company and enjoyed playing jokes on each other,  walking together, exercising together, pretty much anything! We loved each other
so very much. I didn't want it to go away. I think I would die inside if I lost even just a little bit of the love that we shared. Each day this love got stronger and we enjoyed having fun together even more than the day before - I didn't want to lose that or lose time getting to know him even more than I already did.

I'm not trying to get all sappy on ya'll but he waited a long time to find the person that was meant for him (ME!) and I finally let God do the matchmaking. God brought me my soulmate. He needed the things that I had to offer and I needed the things that he had to offer. There was no fighting anything - we just fit.

Maintaining our marriage was not going to just do it all on its own. We have to put it
first. Taking care of eachother by loving and cherishing each other had to be acted out on a daily basis. Even though we were married we still have to date each other. Before Clayton, we did this on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Having a baby made me realize that we would have to remind each other everyday that we love each other and even show it by doing special things for each other. They can be small and for us they are!
Date #1: Make a day of it: Go to Bok Towers

This can be the most romantic place for you and yours. Randy and I love it here. This place was bought by Edward Bok. He wanted to create a beautiful place for his wife full of native Florida flowers. You can walk ANYWHERE you want on the grounds. I have so much fun walking all around and finding a new un scoped out trail. Usually I end up in some weird area where the water pipes are but it is fun to be adventurous! The flowers here are so beautiful. They even have orange tress, kumquat trees, and a garden. The admission isn't too bad and it goes to the preservation of the grounds. Most of the people who work there are volunteers, are super nice, and very helpful. You can take a tour of Mr. Bok's house and every hour there is a pianist that plays in the singing tower - the most popular part of the park. Below are some pictures that we took last time we went there. We actually have an annual membership. It is a great place to go with Randy and Clayton and we really have a blast everytime we go!

This is by the house. We thought it would be a good picture spot!
This is one of our favorite places to have a picnic. We can't eat but we can lay a blanket down, talk, and relax under the blue sky and sun! :)
By the pond - our favorite place.
This is before Clayton. Randy is in front of the Singing Bell Tower. Amazing right?
This is one of the beautiful trails that you can go walking through. I actually wish I knew about this before because I would've loved to get married here and walk down the aisle in this exact spot. It is breathtaking.

This is one of many things you can do together! This is one of our favorites. There is a little bit of cost, but it is a beautiful day date - even if you have kids!

I will post some more things that I love to do with my husband and hopefully you will think they are fun things to do with your love also!

:) Lauren

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