I realized after I started to write this that you may be wondering why I would share this... Well here's why.

There were so many times that Randy and I were in a "been there, done that" stage. If it was in the area we lived you can bet we had been there. I started to frantically search the internet for new ideas, which some were helpful but others weren't. I learned that often times - we had to make the fun ourselves, which usually was done at home. I'd rather save any other person the trouble and put there for you out in the open because if you are like me searching through sale clothing racks are about as much fun as searching through the internet for fun things to do with your love on the internet. Especially when there really isn't that much there in the first place that you can find on the internet. (Maybe I just stink at searching - who knows!) So, with that said, here are some more ideas!
Date Idea #2: Game Night!

Obviously you don't have to play Monopoly... that is just one of our favorite games because one of us (usually me) loses terribly and that's where the real fun begins! We start bargaining with each other so we don't lose rent, houses, or money. There was one time that we played and Randy was actually losing for once and to help him win he tied a hotel to my piece so that I would have to pay him no matter where I landed in hotel fees! lol It was really funny! So funny, that I took a picture of it.

Very original, if you ask me!
Uno, Skip Bo, War (with regular cards), and Phase 10 are also really fun to play with each other. I know that it may seem too simple but try it! I guarantee you and yours are playing jokes on each other or using bargaining chips by the end of the game! Go in with a giddy heart and you will have a blast!
Date Idea # 3: Have a Night of Stars!

You don't have to go to Hollywood to see the stars! Get a blanket, lay it out in the yard (front or back - no one can you see you anyways because it's dark), and get cuddly. Randy and I have spent many nights talking about everything while gazing into the sky. It is very relaxing and so romantic. We end up talking about the deep stuff and even catching a shooting star or two. This is one of my favorite dates because it is so beautiful. Each time that I look up at the sky at night I am further amazed - it never gets old and there is always a new show! Looking at the stars, finding plants, and looking for constellations is so much fun to do and especially when you have company beside you to share it with. We recently got out the telescope and studied the moon, which was just the cherry on top! (And yes, it took me like 30 minutes just to find the stinkin' moon lol)

This is Melbourne Beach in Florida.
Date Idea #4: Go to the Beach!

Whether it is morning, noon, or night the beach is a great place to have some fun under the sun with the one that you love! Recently we went at night for a walk on the beach because we have a baby and the sun was a bit too much for his 2 month old body but it was still so nice to walk on the beach with my man hand in hand with our baby who was absolutely perfect because he loves to be outside. Even with our son it was the perfect place for us to spend a beautiful evening together.

This is Treasure Island Beach in Florida.
Date Idea #5: Go to a Park

Remember what it was like to be a kid? You could go on the swings, monkey bars, hang upside down from those same monkey bars, hide and go seek, tag, freeze tag, those merry go round wheels, the teeter totter (my personal favorite!), kick ball, picnics, and you just plain had fun where ever you were. Why can't you do this still? There is no law against it! Yeah, some people might give you a strange look but they don't know how much fun it truly is! Try it. Take yours to a park! I personally choose a park that no one is at because, well, it might be a bit strange playing with other kids that are a couple decades younger than you! haha But, there are many parks (state parks, national parks, a park in your area) that you can go to. And no, I'm not just talking about a playground park but if it has one that is definitely a bonus! I know, you are thinking I'm crazy....if this makes me crazy than I am but I have fun while being crazy! We have been to many parks. We love to walk the trails, site by the water (if the park has a lake), explore, see wild life, talk, hold hands, and of course joke and play around on the PLAY GROUND!! Don't judge unless you have tried it! :)

Well, in Florida, this doesn't really classify as "wild life" because Sand Hill Crances are everywhere, but this was the only animal that I was quick enjoy to get a snapshot of!
Here are a few more ideas to do with the one you and yours! I will post more tomorrow!

:) Lauren

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