Worm poop is great. It is perfect for pot gardening, worm tea (you can learn how to make it here), and it isn't time consuming or hard to do. If you eat vegetables and have a couple of dollars to spend on buying some worms then you are golden!
What You'll Need:

Worms - You can get these at any feed store, a store like Walmart, or you can order them on amazon - I love amazon because I can see reviews; these are the kind I get (well I only got them once :))
Worm Composter - I like the Worm Factory 360 because it comes with all of the basic startup things, is odor free, and comes with a dvd to teach you how to get started, so you don't mess up.
Coconut Coir
Vegetable/Organic Matter Scraps - Egg Shells, Bread, Scraps of Vegetables
What You Do:

Step 1: You add newspaper, coconut coir, vegetables/organic matter to the worm composter. You start on the base level. You feed the worms each day. When they have eaten all of the matter from the first bin and it is filled with worm castings (poop), 

Step 2: you add a bin on top of it and add more coconut coir, newspaper, and organic matter/vegetables. 

Step 3: You continue to add levels when the previous level is full of castings (poop) that the worms have already eaten.

When you need to add more nutrients to your soil or worm tea you can take from the lowest level and use it.

Why make your own worm castings?

You can use this in your gardening pots to make your plants (vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs) grow and produce more abundantly, you can use this in the conventional garden (in the ground), and you can use it to make worm tea.

I used to buy worm castings on amazon and it gets expensive. It is great quality, but I eat very healthy as it is; there is no reason not to make my own worm poop (castings).

There is an initial start-up cost, but it is the only cost that you will have. You have the potential to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in the future (depends how much that you garden). Something that you were going to throw away you can now use to benefit your garden and help your plants grow better and get more vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs.

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