Worm Tea is Liquid Love for your plants. Using it as fertilizer will make your plants love you so much because it is SO good for them and they like to drink it, too!

So, here is how you make it.
What You'll Need:

5 Gallon Food Grade BPA Free Bucket
1 Cup of Worm Poop (Castings) or make your own!
1/4 Cup of Organic Molasses
An OLD never going to use again anyways sock
Clear Tubing
Aerator and Pump (a cheap one you use for fish tanks)
A Wire (one that ties bread works fine)
What you do:

Step 1: In the 5 gallon bucket you add water all the way until you get about 4 or 5 inches from the top (depends on how steady you are!)

Step 2: Add store bought Worm Poop (Castings) or homemade worm poop (castings) to the sock and tie a knot at the top.

Step 3: Connect tubing to the aerator and pump.

Step 4: Plug pump in.

Step 5: Tie tube with the wire around the bottom of the knot (Don't squeeze it too hard or the air won't be able to go through the tube).

Step 6: Place Sock (with tube) into the water.

Step 7: Add Molasses to the 5 gallon bucket.

Step 8: Plug in aerator.

Step 9: Let this site for 24 - 48 hours. If you have it site for 36 hours or more add a little bit more molasses at the 36 hour mark.

Why You Just Did This:

Worm poop is the poop from worms that at organic vegetation. It is rich in nutrients and live microorganisms that are beneficial for plants and they love. You can grow these organisms so that your worm poop goes further in the garden and you can grow them in liquid so that your plants don't have to wait for the nutrients. It is like getting an iv of nutrients in your arm instead of eating food and waiting for the results. 

So, to grow the micro organisms you have to feed them some type of sugar (the sun turns matter in the plants into sugar, which feeds them) known as the molasses. The air (via the aerator and pump) puts oxygen into the water, which keeps the micro organisms alive. The water give the micro organisms a place to live. In the poop they live in the rotted vegetation in the "tea" they live in the water.

Worm Tea is great for plants because when you water near the roots, the roots drink the tea right away.

I have used this with all types of plants and literally the next day they have grown. It is absolutely amazing and your plants love it! You can make worm tea every couple of weeks or really as much as you want. Your plants will love it as many times as you feed it to them.

Is There an Alternative to Making Worm Tea?

Yes, you can buy it here. They used to sell worm tea by a company called terracycle, but they stopped carrying it about 3 years ago and they don't sell it online anymore either. If you want something quick this will work. But, it won't be as good as making your own worm tea!

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