This sounds like the most absolutely absurd post right?! But, really, I did have a fly in my ear! MY EAR! So, here is how it happens...

I'm laying in bed and am already well into dreamland when all of a sudden I hear the annoying gnat sound of buzzing wings in my ear... I thought, at first, that it was targeting me and flying above, so I swatted at it and the sound went away. Then, I start to feel a vibrating sensation inside of my ear, and the buzzing sound from earlier gets louder and louder until it is like a 12 speaker surround sound front and center on my ear drum.
So, now I am freaking out. I'm thinking about how this fly is going to find somwhere cozy to nest in my ear canal, or sinus cavity or worse BRAIN! Lay eggs, hatch them, and then that would lead to baby flies - an eternal buzzing/vibrating torture - more eggs, more flies, etc. etc. THEN, Brain Infection, which would KILL me!

Ok, so probably not. I doubt that fly wanted to be in there as much as I wanted him in there but he had to come out!

So, I got out of bed and started brainstorming before my brain was taken over by the "Gnat Clan." Gotta think before I am doomed!

So, I tried a Q-Tip... but that wasn't very effective.

Then, it hit me... Hydrogen Peroxide.

It bubbles!

I went online to make sure I wasn't too crazy of a nut and surely enough - it is more common than I thought! One person said that they went to the doctor and he said that, that was probably they best thing that she could have done. Who knew?!

So, I filled my ear with hydrogen peroxide as much as I could and with my head held sideways let it do it's job. I let it bubble for a good 5 minutes.

I emptied my ear out the best I could, dried it with a rag, and went to bed (with my ear facing down so it could finish draining).

Besides the bubbling sound (the sound of hydrogen peroxide cleaning my ear out) - I gnat was gone. The bubbling went away and I finally fell asleep.

SO- If you ever get a bug in your ear, now you know what to do!

Hydrogen Peroxide
that baby!

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