My husband and I have a FREE home phone. We are probably the cheapest people you might meet. No, we don't coupon, but we try to cut corners and save money by buying high quality items, so we don't have to ever replace them, making our house energy efficient, and saving money on month expenses like a home phone.

So, what is it?

It is like magic jack (don't x out of the page yet!!) but it is a gazillion times BETTER! We were looking for magic jack on amazon and when reading the reviews we weren't completely sold. Most people hated it while some really liked it. I wanted something better.
Then my husband the wonderful money saving man he is (penny pincher that squeaks when he walks as our friends and family would call him) found the OBi. All of the reviews were 4, 4.5, and 5 stars, most of them were 5 stars. It seemed that this was going to be it, but we didn't understand why it was free service, so we looked more into it

Why the OBi is free...

It is owned by Google and they are pretty much making a killing on Skype, Advertising, etc. Each year they say they might start charging the next year but then they don't (probably to get more people hooked which equals more profit for them).

They said that if they do charge it will be about $2 - $3 a month. But, for now, it is absolutely free (except the charge of the Obi).

How do you set it up?

Get a google account and go to and sign up for a new phone number OR if you are keeping your phone number then wait for your OBi to arrive and bridge your current number over.

OBi sends the directions on how to do it and it is really easy to set up. 

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