You want me to plan....a...a....head?!?!?
I am a healthy eater. It has taken me YEARS and many small changes along the way to be who I am today, but I now can drive by a McDonalds, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, etc and not fight the urge to pull in.

I have a great juicer. I am defeated PCOS and lost more weight than I would ever have hoped for 4 years ago. Really, I have accomplished so much.

But, I am a horrible planner.

You can ask anyone... I am 5 minutes late, if you're lucky... I wait until the very last moment to do something.
When I was a teacher - we had to be there by 8:20... Guess what? I was there by 8:20 a.m. on the dot. I could see the stares and shaking of the heads as I strolled by. That is just me. Still did what I needed to do and with flying colors but I am a procrastinator by nature.

I decided that I am going to really bring out my guns and try to make everything (or at least the bulk of it from scratch). Every week I am going to try new recipes that are from my head and inspiration from others and go for it. I am going to freeze some of it and others I will make the day of (with my husband's help, of course!). 

So, far, I have come up with one lunch and one dinner... YIKES!

This is going to be a lot of work, but I am determined to lose weight and to help others do that same by living a healthy life style.

I will post a meal plan with recipes each week and you can join me or pick and choose!

Hope you will join me in my, "Cooking Lean and Clean Towards A Healthier ME!" oh and the not so visible subtitle - conquer the slow to walk, get ready, and do something me... haha

My weigh in is going to be Sunday morning first thing. Then, I will attempt to prepare and cook for the week. My goal is to cook completely  homemade down to the ketchup (we are starting a garden and I don't want to let those veggies to go to waist). I want to incorporate as much veggies as I can to flood my body with nourishment and go a little lighter on the meat, as there is plenty of protein in vegetables and beans.

Hope you feel inspiration to join me. Let me know if you plan to! It helps me, too!
The sun isn't setting on my procrastination, yet!

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