While writing this article, I looked up and saw two lizards working on their baby makin' skills! It may be a little....vivid...but a perfect picture for the theme of my blog! Then I came up with the following quote, which went perfectly with the picture! Never said I wasn't crazy...!
"If making a baby is natural, the experience of having one should be too!" - Me

This was definitely an experience. If you read my birth story then you know that I HATE hospitals, but really, that was just on what I heard about them. I read books by Ina May Gaskin (which if you haven't read her books before on midwifery it is a MUST!) and watched a movie called, "The Business of Being Born" which is done by Ricki Lake. Each gave me the worst feeling about hospitals.

I have all kinds of things that I learned...

For example, did you know that the reason women give birth in hospital missionary style now a days (unless you have had a much unwanted c-section like me) is because back long ago when Queen Elizabeth was giving birth to her baby it was un customary for the men to be in the room. Well, the King wanted to see his child being born so they had a sheet in between them and had her lay down so he could see the baby be born. Sick right? I know from experience that I would absoultely DIE if I had to lay down during my whole labor. Everyone is different but most people prefer water, walking, birthing stool, or birthing ball.

Also, long ago in the 50's and 60's they used to tie women to the bed during labor. They would drug them and leave them there sometimes for days while they were in labor.

These are just two examples of what hospitals have done in the past - I could probably write a book just on that subject alone.

Hospitals are there for emergencies and special rare occasions and because of
that, women who go to the hospital because they want the comfort of knowing if
something went wrong their beautiful baby could be saved or even possibly

Hospitals don't know how to cater to that. They are there for business. Epidurals make it quiet, c-sections make it fast, and faster the better because they can get more customers in there at a time.

I know that I sound completely negative about this but it is the honest truth. Now, there are midwife's out there, I know of a few, that go to the hospital with you and are there every step of the way - they really care. There are even a few doctors who are the same way. Nurses, most of them, are also very caring and sympethetic but they are set up so there are no un needed messy ordeals.

For example, women are given ice chips and aren't allowed to do as they need because doctors don't want peeing, pooping (which I'm sorry but that is inevitable), or throwing up. I have read about women who ate a giant roast beef sandwich right before pushing because their body needed the energy to push. They would chug it down like they were one of the Coneheads eating a sub, and bam...they were ready. They would push that little tiker right out of there. I, personally, did not eat at all (had no desire) and drank very little. That is what my body wanted. Some women was to eat and drink because their body needs the constant nourishment.

Labor is natural. A woman knows what to do - even when she doesn't know what to do. I read from my midwife's page the other day of a 14 year old girl who had a baby. Yes, she was terrified but her natural instincts took over. When you are in labor time has vanished, thoughts are very short and unmemorable, and you are not in control - your body is.

I remember being TERRIFIED of labor but once I got a grip and realized God was not going to grant me my wish of dying... I hunkered down and did it. I was able to get through the maddess of fear, pain, and plain uncomfortablness (not a word, I know) of it all.

Again, I'm not trying to put down those of you who gave birth in a hospital... I DID AFTER ALL! But, in all honesty it is not the best environment to have a baby. It can be...if doctors and nurses all work together to make a difference.

The hospital I was thinking of having a waterbirth at had birthing tubs...THEY HAD
THEM!!! But, you were not allowed to use them UNLESS you water wasn't broken.
They didn't want complications... What?! I know of 1 person whose water broke
AFTER giving stinkin' birth! ONE! UNO! It is a very small percent. Most hospitals induce women into labor and... that's right, break their water. What good was it to me to go somewhere and be stuck to a bed. They had birthing balls but they were in the rooms. They were in a storage room and really weren't an option. Hospitals boast about catering to women's needs and trying to make them as comfortable as possible. It is a sales tactic (at the hospital I was at anyway) to get you in. Once you are in labor you are stuck there.

My best friend had an epidural at the same hospital and guess what? It didn't work. She was stuck to a bed because she had an "epidural". She would have been SO much more comfortable if she was able to walk around during labor, roll back and forth on a birthing ball, but no, the hospital forbid it.

Hospitals, to me, just aren't home. Chinese women used to give birth in the fields. Many would squat and the baby would come out. Babies are not fragile. I mean you shouldn't be doing crazy break dance moves with them but they can hold their own. If they changed and were a place that catered to the women giving birth there instead of the women catering to the needs of the hospital it would be a MUCH better place!

But, like I said before and in my birth story. I was a hospital recipient. I was a drug junkie and ended up with a c-section. So, really I got to take all of my research and thoughts about hospitals and put it to the test. I was a momma who wanted a natural birth. I got to test how the hospitals really were and see what it was actually like on the inside.

Tomorrow I will post what my experience was like.

:) Lauren

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