I have always thought that refried beans were delicious but SO high maintenance when it came down to cooking them fresh and not out of a can.

I have tried them on the stove top (soaking the beans, then boiling all day, and then cooking all the other ingredients followed by blending and smushing) and it was too much work. I did it twice on a day my hubby was at work and I was bored. Def. not a good match for a working mama or a mama with a life, which if you have kids then you qualify as both a mama and having a busy, busy life!

Even married with no kids - it's too much work for what you get.


I have the easiest recipe (and quickest). It took me literally 5 minutes to do total.

So, my first attempt at planning ahead went pretty well. Next week will be better when I have more time to fight with myself in my head but today I was the authoritarian... it was my way or the highway. I tried to balance out the meals and make some more hearty (I do have a two growing boys to feed too - my hubby and 16 month old!)

All of my recipes are going to be kid friendly (when it comes to salt) and full of nutrition!

I want to begin this post with where I began.