FYI: I talk about my period here. Just a heads up. Nothing gruesome or anything, but I do talk about it.
I have had the biggest hormonal and depressing roller coaster ride ever since February. It has been very hard.

Clayton is 17 months... I have started to decrease his breastfeeding sessions and have started to implement water in between feedings. He is so stinkin' healthy. He has been sick only 2 times his whole life (haha). At 4 months he was around a little girl who had a very contagious cold and around 16 months when there was a flu bug going around. He was AMAZING during the flu. Laughing, being goofy, and cuddling. Breast milk does his body good! (and his great whole foods diet.)

So, anyways, back to where I started. My milk supply has decreased. I still nurse Clayton plenty (morning when he wakes up, about and hour later, before lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime), so I am still pumping out some serious milk but not enough to keep my period in hibernation.