Worm poop is great. It is perfect for pot gardening, worm tea (you can learn how to make it here), and it isn't time consuming or hard to do. If you eat vegetables and have a couple of dollars to spend on buying some worms then you are golden!

Worm Tea is Liquid Love for your plants. Using it as fertilizer will make your plants love you so much because it is SO good for them and they like to drink it, too!

So, here is how you make it.

If you live in Florida (like me) this is the time of year when the other 47 states (few few excluded) are very, very jealous of you. Why? Because you can start your spring garden or have started it in December and they can't.

This year (2013), I could have not ended it...actually I still have some some green peppers growing and my jalapeno plant. Pretty awesome right?! This year I am doing it up right. I have two gardens going: one in the ground and the other in pots.

Why pots, you are asking your computer right now? :)

Pots are a great place to control your plants. Some soil is hard to grow certain plants, but if you have a pot garden you can create the kind of environment that you plant wants! My mom cannot grow tomatoes to save her life, but she can in pots.

The reason I like pots is because you can move them around, there is great weed control (if there is any weeds to control, that is), and you can grow things that otherwise would be hard to grow.

So, here we go.. I will show you how to start you very own pot garden!