Clayton has been so bubbly through all of this! (punt intended lol)
Clayton with Grandma's gift right before we moved back to FL!
I have done really great with everything that has happened this month. From Decmeber 24th - January 24th we have had a wild ride. 

It started when we were visiting our friends and family in Florida. My husband's dad was not doing well health wise, which now he is with Jesus. So, we decided to to move to back from where we were living in North Carolina so that my husband could help with taking care of him and see him more often and because we missed Florida in more ways than one. It was just not God's time for us to be gone... yet! So, on the 26th we left for North Carolina, thankfully Randy's friend came to help us pack, we packed our house and on the 28th we were heading back to Florida. That's right! We packed our ENTIRE house in 1 day.... ONE! All with a 15 month old and me still nursing him. It was quite a feat! 

These two words are two of the most de heartening words on Earth. While the world is becoming more "social" I feel that I am losing grasp of all that I have ever known - acceptance and love. Growing up I always had lots of friends that I was close to. We talked on the phone all of the time, and of course had sleep overs, which were so much fun! I am 25 now and I don't really talk to anyone on the phone. I tried to keep in touch with people through the phone but maybe the world is just too fast.

There are so many people in this world that die lonely each and every day. I wish I could meet those people that way I can give them the love that they deserve and acceptance they wish for.

This is by far probably the hardest thing that I will ever do. But, I also believe it might be the most rewarding also.

Week 1 is running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. My wonderful husband AND running partner didn't realize and cut the walking...not the running...short by 30 seconds. So, day 1 was walking 60 seconds and walking 60 seconds.

I can honestly say, "I SURVIVED!" There were times when I wasn't walking very far and the sloth, which moves about an inch a day, might have had some serious competition, but I kept going. I didn't stop running, and thankfully it was too cold, so it numbed my legs a little.

I realized a few things as my whole 1 day as a runner... (haha)

*It is very important to have a partner as a beginner. It makes the experience of "I suck at this and want to quit" harder to give in to.

*Try to breathe as deep as possible.

*If you are running in the cold try to breathe through your nose (ok...I read that somewhere lol). It helps to keep the dry, cold air from drying your mouth out and creating a super mucous hole of yuck in your throat - how do I know? I breathed through my mouth....next time, I will try harder.

*"Protein Poppers" are your friend. That's all I have to say about that!

So, in short. I made it. I can say now...

Diet     CHECK!
Exercise CHECK!
Self Esteem... Working on it!

:) Lauren
I want to be victorious!!
8 years I played basketball. I sprinted from line to line. 5 5 fifty fives, suicides, lay ups, laps, lunges was my forte, and I was darn good at it! When I got to high school I was told that I needed to join track, so that I could stay in shape. I couldn't do it. It was the scariest thing I could EVER imagine. Running....

I was and am a sprinter. Unfortunately my basketball career got cut short when I fractured my thumb got out of shape and had no encouragement or incentive to get back to it when it healed. All that I had known for years would only be a hobby forever - if I had known that I would have done things MUCH different. But, should of, could of, would of... It is what it is.

My husband and I have a FREE home phone. We are probably the cheapest people you might meet. No, we don't coupon, but we try to cut corners and save money by buying high quality items, so we don't have to ever replace them, making our house energy efficient, and saving money on month expenses like a home phone.

So, what is it?

It is like magic jack (don't x out of the page yet!!) but it is a gazillion times BETTER! We were looking for magic jack on amazon and when reading the reviews we weren't completely sold. Most people hated it while some really liked it. I wanted something better.

TODAY! -- The beginning of my challenge!
Our son turned 11 months old today. I was so excited about how big he was getting and how much he was learning. He has changed so much! But, then when I was getting ready I looked in the mirror and I started to become filled with frustration.


I didn't understand how I forgot who I was, nutritionally. I am all about eating natural (which I have) and being in control of knowing what is too much and what is not. What happened?! Instead of focusing on more plant based foods, I was gorging on large amounts of meats (mostly chicken) and making gravy to go with it. I still don't know what I was thinking. 

I was a teacher for 3 years. I was also sick A LOT! I never could find something that would kick it quick and since I am an all natural gal it was even harder. I don't like to take antibiotics, which is a personal preference and when I am sick I usually use garlic, echinicea, golden seal, and an herbal blend called BRN to kick whatever I have. Even taking these, it took a good week to feel better and get my energy back.

When Clayton was about 2 months old he and I got a TERRIBLE sinus infection and cold. I could handle it but seeing my little helpless guy just enduring it was KILLING me! (It probably bothered me more than him! He was a trooper!) I had to do something. I wanted to take something powerful that would beat up the cold that was hurting my little guy...I was ready to bring out the big guns! One problem: I didn't know what to do!

It is here! The day that I never thought would come on nights breastfeeding was not going as planned. Those were the nights that I was tired, frustrated, and when every fiber in my body wanted to give up.

Now, I am a much more rested, at peace, and encourage woman!

My baby boy is amazing! And to celebrate his 6 months I am going to brag a little - it's a momma's right after all, right? :)

Clayton is now 18 pounds. He can pretty much sit up all by himself (he has a few falls). He is days away from crawling. He is fashioning the hover and rock right now. I am just so amazed at how wonderful of a son that I have! Clayton's blue eyes are going to be a lady killer when he grows up.

Last night, Randy and I were playing on the floor on the eve of his 6 month birthday. I was just sitting back and watching. Clayton was crawling all over his daddy and was smiling and laughing. He has changed SO much in just days. He, for the first time, enjoyed playing on the floor with us! It was the
most incredible feeling. All of the hardwork it takes to raise a little man is totally and completely worth it. Every moment that he smiles, laughs, makes a mess of his food, talks, sings "You are my sunshine" with mommy, nurses, gives kisses (pulling the junk out of mommy's hair, I might add), and so many more things is worth it. We are so in love with this guy!! He is a gift from God. After years and years of praying for a baby - God gives us a baby, the perfect baby - A baby that I could not have made more perfect.

Today is the day that I have started to think about where I was 6 months ago. I was numb, on a hospital bed, exhausted, in love, and enduring an extreme case of baby blues. When I got home I couldn't get up on the bed without a step, looked pregnant plus some, and was even more tired! Being a momma is a lot of work - don't let anyone tell you it is easy.

Now, I am losing weight, am in MORE love than when I gave birth, and couldn't be happier! This little tiny baby has brought joy that is un measurable into our lives. He is a blessing and I thank God for allowing me to be his momma.

So, really this is a praise to God. Thanking him for 6 months of learning how to have more patience, endurance, strength, and courage. It is also a lesson to me to teach me that I have all of those things when I doubted it before.

When I was pregnant, I told the mid wife that I had no pain tolerance and that I was a wimp. God has taught me a very powerful lesson. I have a high pain tolerance and I am anything BUT a wimp!

Everyday is a celebration day but you would probably abandon me if I wrote a blog each day about Clayton! So, today is a 6 month celebration!


There is a saying that states, "The Breast Is Best". I completely agree with this statement.

There is a reason that formula companies are always trying to compare to breastmilk. I recently saw a commerical saying how it has Lutein, which is found in breastmilk. Formula is very convenient but it can't compare to breastmilk.

I want to first start out by stating I am not condemning or putting down anyone who uses formula. But, if I were to pick (and I did) it would be breastmilk 100% no other option. This is my opinion.

I am a very natural person. I make almond milk instead of buying it at the store - it's cheaper and I appreciate it more. I don't go out to eat. I barely eat any salt, except that which comes naturally from vegetables. I make my own baby food, eat organic as much as possible, and try to grow my own food. This is who I am. This is what is important to me and what I want for my family.

And, no, I'm not rich. I just want to live as close to what God created as possible. I believe that natural is the way to go because that is where the beginning of time...well.. began! It's my opinion and if you know me then you know that I do share what I do because I believe in it so much.