FYI: I talk about my period here. Just a heads up. Nothing gruesome or anything, but I do talk about it.
I have had the biggest hormonal and depressing roller coaster ride ever since February. It has been very hard.

Clayton is 17 months... I have started to decrease his breastfeeding sessions and have started to implement water in between feedings. He is so stinkin' healthy. He has been sick only 2 times his whole life (haha). At 4 months he was around a little girl who had a very contagious cold and around 16 months when there was a flu bug going around. He was AMAZING during the flu. Laughing, being goofy, and cuddling. Breast milk does his body good! (and his great whole foods diet.)

So, anyways, back to where I started. My milk supply has decreased. I still nurse Clayton plenty (morning when he wakes up, about and hour later, before lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime), so I am still pumping out some serious milk but not enough to keep my period in hibernation.

This sounds like the most absolutely absurd post right?! But, really, I did have a fly in my ear! MY EAR! So, here is how it happens...

I'm laying in bed and am already well into dreamland when all of a sudden I hear the annoying gnat sound of buzzing wings in my ear... I thought, at first, that it was targeting me and flying above, so I swatted at it and the sound went away. Then, I start to feel a vibrating sensation inside of my ear, and the buzzing sound from earlier gets louder and louder until it is like a 12 speaker surround sound front and center on my ear drum.

I have always thought that refried beans were delicious but SO high maintenance when it came down to cooking them fresh and not out of a can.

I have tried them on the stove top (soaking the beans, then boiling all day, and then cooking all the other ingredients followed by blending and smushing) and it was too much work. I did it twice on a day my hubby was at work and I was bored. Def. not a good match for a working mama or a mama with a life, which if you have kids then you qualify as both a mama and having a busy, busy life!

Even married with no kids - it's too much work for what you get.


I have the easiest recipe (and quickest). It took me literally 5 minutes to do total.

I started running today since we moved back to FL.

Losing weight is more than just "going on a diet". It is about changing yourself and expecting more. I never ran before because I had low expectations. I wanted to have the excuse of, "I can't run because I'm no good at it" so that I could be a quitter before I even started. So, I slapped myself in the face and told myself to stop that. It's not right for me to not live my life to the fullest because I'm too lazy to have higher expectations for myself. I deserve better than myself. It's not about just "losing weight", it's about daring to dream and going after the impossible.

So, my first attempt at planning ahead went pretty well. Next week will be better when I have more time to fight with myself in my head but today I was the authoritarian... it was my way or the highway. I tried to balance out the meals and make some more hearty (I do have a two growing boys to feed too - my hubby and 16 month old!)

All of my recipes are going to be kid friendly (when it comes to salt) and full of nutrition!

I want to begin this post with where I began.

Worm poop is great. It is perfect for pot gardening, worm tea (you can learn how to make it here), and it isn't time consuming or hard to do. If you eat vegetables and have a couple of dollars to spend on buying some worms then you are golden!

Worm Tea is Liquid Love for your plants. Using it as fertilizer will make your plants love you so much because it is SO good for them and they like to drink it, too!

So, here is how you make it.

If you live in Florida (like me) this is the time of year when the other 47 states (few few excluded) are very, very jealous of you. Why? Because you can start your spring garden or have started it in December and they can't.

This year (2013), I could have not ended it...actually I still have some some green peppers growing and my jalapeno plant. Pretty awesome right?! This year I am doing it up right. I have two gardens going: one in the ground and the other in pots.

Why pots, you are asking your computer right now? :)

Pots are a great place to control your plants. Some soil is hard to grow certain plants, but if you have a pot garden you can create the kind of environment that you plant wants! My mom cannot grow tomatoes to save her life, but she can in pots.

The reason I like pots is because you can move them around, there is great weed control (if there is any weeds to control, that is), and you can grow things that otherwise would be hard to grow.

So, here we go.. I will show you how to start you very own pot garden! 

You want me to plan....a...a....head?!?!?
I am a healthy eater. It has taken me YEARS and many small changes along the way to be who I am today, but I now can drive by a McDonalds, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, etc and not fight the urge to pull in.

I have a great juicer. I am defeated PCOS and lost more weight than I would ever have hoped for 4 years ago. Really, I have accomplished so much.

But, I am a horrible planner.

You can ask anyone... I am 5 minutes late, if you're lucky... I wait until the very last moment to do something.

Chicken broth is the foundation to many meals. It is also packed with so much flavor, vitamins, and nutrients.

I make mine homemade. Why? Because even the organic broth has some not so wholesome ingredients in it like MSG and it doesn't have all of the extra vegetables that add more flavor and nutrients to the foundation of your cooking!

So, here is the recipe and some pictures!

Also, please note, in chicken stock you can add as little or as much of the vegetables to your broth. It just adds more flavor and vitamins!