These two words are two of the most de heartening words on Earth. While the world is becoming more "social" I feel that I am losing grasp of all that I have ever known - acceptance and love. Growing up I always had lots of friends that I was close to. We talked on the phone all of the time, and of course had sleep overs, which were so much fun! I am 25 now and I don't really talk to anyone on the phone. I tried to keep in touch with people through the phone but maybe the world is just too fast.

There are so many people in this world that die lonely each and every day. I wish I could meet those people that way I can give them the love that they deserve and acceptance they wish for.

This is by far probably the hardest thing that I will ever do. But, I also believe it might be the most rewarding also.

Week 1 is running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. My wonderful husband AND running partner didn't realize and cut the walking...not the running...short by 30 seconds. So, day 1 was walking 60 seconds and walking 60 seconds.

I can honestly say, "I SURVIVED!" There were times when I wasn't walking very far and the sloth, which moves about an inch a day, might have had some serious competition, but I kept going. I didn't stop running, and thankfully it was too cold, so it numbed my legs a little.

I realized a few things as my whole 1 day as a runner... (haha)

*It is very important to have a partner as a beginner. It makes the experience of "I suck at this and want to quit" harder to give in to.

*Try to breathe as deep as possible.

*If you are running in the cold try to breathe through your nose (ok...I read that somewhere lol). It helps to keep the dry, cold air from drying your mouth out and creating a super mucous hole of yuck in your throat - how do I know? I breathed through my time, I will try harder.

*"Protein Poppers" are your friend. That's all I have to say about that!

So, in short. I made it. I can say now...

Diet     CHECK!
Exercise CHECK!
Self Esteem... Working on it!

:) Lauren
I want to be victorious!!
8 years I played basketball. I sprinted from line to line. 5 5 fifty fives, suicides, lay ups, laps, lunges was my forte, and I was darn good at it! When I got to high school I was told that I needed to join track, so that I could stay in shape. I couldn't do it. It was the scariest thing I could EVER imagine. Running....

I was and am a sprinter. Unfortunately my basketball career got cut short when I fractured my thumb got out of shape and had no encouragement or incentive to get back to it when it healed. All that I had known for years would only be a hobby forever - if I had known that I would have done things MUCH different. But, should of, could of, would of... It is what it is.