I was a teacher for 3 years. I was also sick A LOT! I never could find something that would kick it quick and since I am an all natural gal it was even harder. I don't like to take antibiotics, which is a personal preference and when I am sick I usually use garlic, echinicea, golden seal, and an herbal blend called BRN to kick whatever I have. Even taking these, it took a good week to feel better and get my energy back.

When Clayton was about 2 months old he and I got a TERRIBLE sinus infection and cold. I could handle it but seeing my little helpless guy just enduring it was KILLING me! (It probably bothered me more than him! He was a trooper!) I had to do something. I wanted to take something powerful that would beat up the cold that was hurting my little guy...I was ready to bring out the big guns! One problem: I didn't know what to do!